Just let them win already!

I asked and AI image creator to make an image using the phrase “robot physically throwing a stack of paper” … the best one yet to be honest.

My challenge … and my tweak to it

So, in my quest to leverage chatGPT as much as possible, I simply asked it. “what is simpler to learn, React or Angular?” I was definitely a little surprised when the results came back with React as the winner. With that being said I still plan on doing the challenge, but I am just changing my front end of choice to now be React since I will need all the help I can get since learning is slow at best for this guy.

chatGPT paying dividends

Wanting to figure out the best way to approach this, I literally just asked chatGPT to design me a 100 day lesson plan that would cover all the topics that I previously mentioned here and it didn’t disappoint. Here’s a sample of what it was able to come up with.

Days 1-5: Introduction to Software Development

  • Introduction to programming concepts, algorithms, data structures, and software development principles.
  • Overview of the .NET Framework, C# programming language, and React.js library.
  • Setting up a development environment (Visual Studio Code, .NET Core, Node.js, npm, Git).

Days 6-10: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Fundamentals

  • Understanding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript basics.
  • Creating a static website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Understanding the Document Object Model (DOM).

It’s kind of scary, but also it’s amazing to have this tool to assist you and really give you a launchpad. Do you think that I would be able to make my own lesson plan. Heck no! But this really allows me to have a focused outline to at least provide some bounds in my learning.

It’s kind of crazy the amount of simple things I have done with chatGPT thus far. Its even helped me write this blog post in all honest. There is a lot of little things that I want to write about and it’s almost like I need Notion or something along those longs to really keep my thoughts together.

Speaking of dividends…

This whole experience of writing everything has been interesting so far. There has been a lot of learning that has already been happening and I haven’t really even got into the whole coding side of things yet (yes, I guess one could see this as an excuse) but I would like to thing that this all hasn’t been for nothing.

Things I have learned already in this endeavour

  • Learned about DNS settings and things like TTL and what A vs AAAA means and what a CNAME does.
  • Learned about GitHub Pages and what the purpose of it is.
  • Learned about Jekyll and how markdown language works
  • Learned sometimes it is best to call tech support :)

Future plans?

So I think in terms of what is next. It’s going to basically be following along with the guide that chatGPT has outlined to me and seeing how committed I can be to the learning plan. I think it will be beneficial for sure, and the blog definitely will allow me to have more accountability for sure.

PS. I still have to fix my domain stuff. I was tinkering around with it and I really caused an issue with the domain forward as opposed to using GH-P’s infrastructure secret sauce to make it all work and needless to say I broke the damn thing. Hopefully I can fix the domain stuff again here shortly cause I did have it all working at one point.

Until the next day!