All aboard the React train!

All aboard! Choo Choo!

Alright, time for the excuses… 😅

Okay so I didn’t make a post yesterday. I am not perfect. I should have made one yesterday, but I didn’t and that sucks, but here I am making this post, so it’s not like I have completely given up. I still have plans on updating my domain URL and whatnot, but for now it seems that the focus should be on progressing my knowledge of React.

React documentation

So far I have been reading the concepts behind how ‘components’ work within React following this article: Thinking in React and it has been absolutely lovely in just really breaking everything down. I am a bit of an odd person in my learning style because sometimes I need things really explained out to me, and then other times I feel like I am dragging my knuckles over it.

Speaking of dragging my knuckles, I haven’t even finished my blog post after just aimlessly scrolling throughout instagram reels … but that’s not relevant. I have updated my node version to the latest LTS version and I am ready to go in terms of creating my new app. I just want to give that documentation a once over just to ensure I have not missed anything.

I am really hoping that React will tie in some of the neat TS and like ES6 functions that I have used before in the past. I should do a whole article on those actually to really help my understanding there as well..

We’re going to have to add Node.js to our learning list there too depending on the amount of learning involved there. I have used it before for JWT, so perhaps it all comes down to how much I decide to use it.

EDIT: So, remember how I said that nothing seems to easily come for me. Well turns out that if my DNS provider wasn’t going to have issues GitHub’s Actions pipelines are reporting an issue right after I pushed this post prior to the edit. I gotta say, this is pretty lame. I am now 2/2 on this and I haven’t even really dug into the meat and potatoes of all this. Here’s hoping that this auto fixes itself and I don’t have to think about this anymore for the evening.